Rich Dad Poor Dad - Highlights From A Landmark Book That We All Can Learn From

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  • Sep 09, 2015
Rich Dad Poor Dad - Highlights From A Landmark Book That We All Can Learn From

Rich Daddy Poor Daddy - Emphasizes From A Landmark Book That We All Can Pick up from

Previously this year I review the book Rich Father Poor Daddy by Robert Kiyosaki. The book has been a bestseller for over 15 years now so some would certainly state I’m a little behind the moments, however nevertheless much better late than never as it was a great read.

First of all, I believe guide must include a warning that ‘this book will make you despise your work!’. I read it. After that I persuaded my partner to review it. We were both left feeling like we ‘d been wasting our time working hard at our occupations for over a years … yet after that we understood that’s not real and also all is not shed … and also I’ll explain why.

The main points made in the book are that the rich discover methods to make their money benefit them, instead of the other way around (functioning for cash). Kiyosaki additionally goes over how ‘economic proficiency’ as well as obtaining an understanding of cash does not happen in the formal education system, it happens in the home, and also this is why the abundant remain rich as well as the bad stay bad, because that is all that they know.

Make your money help you

Guide discusses that the traditional course for most people is to research difficult at college, with the purpose of safeguarding a ‘excellent work’, then spend a life time striving in order to attain pay-rises. We become dependent on our companies as we develop our lives and also invest most of our revenue on consumption and also financial obligation (mortgages etc). The inadequate and also the middle class profession their time for cash this way, they get stuck in the ‘daily grind’ due to the fact that as their earnings climb, so does their intake (nicer autos, clothing and also holidays) and they come to be more indebted (bigger house, larger mortgage).

Isn’t that what most of us do I hear you ask? No. The rich send their cash out into the world as well as expect it to restore more cash! Clearly there is a flair to this. Kiyosaki specifies that fundamentally it’s everything about comprehending an obligation as well as a possession. The distinction being defined as a property is something that creates money for you. Take home for example. If you purchase a rental residential or commercial property, and the monthly rental fee is more than the monthly prices, you are ticking over a great revenue. You aren’t trading your time to accomplish this monthly income, so this is an income-generating possession. There are plenty of various other methods to invest in earnings generating possessions e.g. business financial investments, stocks … the aim is to develop properties, whilst reducing obligations (a responsibility consists of, you could be surprised to listen to, your home loan on the house you live in).

Financial literacy.

He suggests we need to enlighten ourselves (and also in turn inform our children) on economic proficiency - he describes this as ‘mind our very own company’. This does not indicate that we all start researching accountancy certifications or quitting our jobs and also becoming independent. It’s about finding out the options as well as possibilities for managing our cash. We require not to be quick-tempered in our journey to treasures, yet we should learn to build foundations as well as those structures will inevitably allow us to have several streams of revenue, without a dependence on our pay cheque. We must invest in ourselves, whether it’s reading books, attending seminars, training courses, memberships to training or professional communities … if it’s true that we ‘are what we discover’ after that we require to think about that!


On the whole, guide made me think. A great deal. It made me think about work, money as well as choices made in life. It made me know that I ought to assume more regarding the long term when it concerns money as well as financial investments. It made me think of putting on hold seeking our following, a little larger, home when we can manage it … or our next, more recent (and if my spouse has his say, sportier!) automobile, because is that actually what we should be investing our cash on … the solution is no. We need to seek to purchase assets that revive an earnings to us, and use that revenue to spoil ourselves every so often.

It additionally made me understand the value of looking beyond work in order to create an income. In fact, it was my analysis this publication that urged me to come to be a member of SFM/Digital Specialists Academy. I made a decision to buy myself and also my knowing outside of job … not something that I have actually done since college. I determined to discover exactly how to set-up my own business, no longer helping ‘the male’ however working for myself, and most significantly (since I still had my permanent job), I discovered just how to create a reasonably easy earnings from my business. I hope Kiyosaki would certainly be happy!

Maybe one drawback to the book is that there is a hefty focus on property investment. These are not always financial investments that are simple for novices. Additionally, whilst there is a lot of general negativeness in the direction of conventional employment, we all need to earn our cash somewhere in order to make financial investments to begin with!

Rich Dad Poor Papa isn’t a get abundant quick dish - it’s a superb publication to get you thinking of financial proficiency, and also a means to test your thinking of work as well as cash.

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