Atma Bodha Verses 11-20

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Atma Bodha Verses 11-20

Atma Bodha Verses 11-20

Knowledgeable 11

Atma is all pervading consequently IT has no type or form, consequently no conditionings … no parts, no body organs, no differences (bhedam). That inexpressible Atman exists in every appearing point.

IT is the substratum of all … booma, describes is ‘biggest’ however there is no comparable. That atma is Joy, everything else that we appear to take pleasure in via detects is however satisfaction and also joy, a portion or a peek of that Happiness.

That atma remains in all, like thread in a beaded chain, holding all beads with each other, atma is the substratum of all appearances.

As a result of several conditionings, One looks like lots of like the water in coke, pepsi, a glass of wine, beer, tomato juice etc, with additions and also deletions. say he’s Christian, she’s hindu, muslim, he’s educated, man, woman, inadequate, rich, medical professional, engineer, single, married. These are the labels of the body.

All these distinctions are due to the conditioning, ideas in our mind … These are words without actual presence. Atman is entirely veiled by these impurities. These are the dust that needs to be removed in their entirety for truth Self to beam forth. The example is the renowned snake & rope as mentin verse seven.

The Reality, brahman is vibhuhu, is all pervading, all over, like room, without any shape, form or shade. Every little thing appears due to maya (impression), this illusion has the veiling power & forecast power.

Verses 12-13-14 are extremely essential, with rational description. All verses have examples that are easily recognized.

Just when we understand what’s not real, we can eliminate them. Consequently these 3 knowledgeables explain what requires to be eliminated.

Brahman has no limitations like the room. In order to explain room, we require to understand and remove what’s not room, so likewise, the procedure of negation is to be applied to realize Brahman. (Sathyam jnanam anantham brahma is just a point, not specifying anything specific after that IT becomes minimal.) For that reason neti, its neti, process of negation is the only way to understand Brahman.

Knowledgeable 12

Man is not just physical body, mind too. Every being has 3 bodies.

Stula sariram - Gross body, visible, concrete, restricted

Sukshma sariram - refined body,

Karana sariram - causal body

Every little thing is constructed from 5 components but the feeling, ‘I am’ is not in all, other than the human body. (stula sariram).

Everything in deep space is a combination of 5 aspects whether it is water or mud. Only body has ‘I am’. Why?

What’s the difference? Pancheekritam … each body is made of five aspects, produced based on his fate phala, consequences of one’s past activities. It’s a combination of Area, Air, Fire, Water & Earth. (Yatha karma, yatha srutham).

Karma sanchitham … based upon our fate and the mix of five aspects together, we obtain the ideal body to experience the great, poor. Activities, fate below implies thought, word and also act. All beings whether plants, insects, pets or humans are all based on our very own fate.

Body is a home to experience the results of our actions. Like if we need a warmth or cold, we need most likely to a room where the heating unit or a/c is, we require to go where they are readily available! The experiencer is different from the room. In a similar way atma takes a body, an appropriate place to experience the karma palan. (Boga ayathanam uchhate. to experience suka, dukka). This plainly indicates we’re various from the body, relates to all 3 bodies.

Scriptures claim from Atman came room, from space came air, from air came fire, from fire came water, from water came planet.

A+ pancheekritham, separately without mix, they’re called ‘tanmatras’. Like private metal, not an alloy. They all showed up from atma … they mixed at a specific proportion as well as is called ‘panchikritham’, the grossification happens in 5 certain scientific stages.

The procedure of Pancheekritam There are specific aspects

Each divide right into two

Each one fifty percent divide into four and also share the three of the second half, with three elements

Each half + 4 1/8th little bits, hence comes to be the gross body.

This panchikritam and our prarabhda karma together create our physical bodies, also called ‘stula sarira’ to experience the outcomes of our actions. (boga aayaathanam), body is a boga sathanam for atman, an area, a residence.

Knowledgeable 13

Suksma sariram (subtle body) is behind stula sarira (tangible).

5 +5 +5 +4 =19 things mixed, that means I am not IT (IT is undistracted One, without a second).

Sukshma sarira, refined body is an aggregate of the 8, namely,.

( 1) the five organs of activity (karmendriyas),.

( 2) the 5 organs of understanding (jnanendriyas),.

( 3) the 5 types of prana, vital air.

( 4) the five refined components beginning with space.

( 5) the 4 divisions of the antahkaranam (manas, buddhi, chittam as well as ahamkara),.

( 6) avidya,.

( 7) need, and also.

( 8) the impressions of all actions,.

is called the refined body or sukshma sarira.

Karmendriyam ~ 5 organs of actions refers to hands, feet, tongue( speech), reproductive, excretory organs.

Jnanendriyam ~ 5 organs of perceptions/senses, ‘sabdha, sparsha, rupa, rasa, gandha’, senses to listen to, touch, see, taste & smell.

Pancha Pranas PASUV (phrase) Prana, Apana, Samana, Udana, Vyana.

Prana- vital force (controls & manages sense body organs).

Apana- Excretory (deny undesirable items, throwing up, diarrhea).

Samana- Gastrointestinal - makes the food prepared for absorption.

Udana - Capability to progress (knowing, burp).

Vyana - Circulatory (distribution of nourishment).

not this … not this … why? Due to the fact that the body is a combination of something, that’s holding them with each other, they can disintegrate, after that it’s not One, irreversible presence! Consequently the Self is not the stula sarira!

Mind enjoys, depressing, in fear, in desire, fluctuation, which are just vikarams, departments and also for that reason mind is not the atman. Mind is also a boga sadanam, residence of experience, without the mind we can not experience anything. The one who utilizes this mind is various from the mind. Mind is just a number of ideas. Consequently Self is not Sukshma sarira.

Verse 14.

What can be seen is stula deham. Deham( body), that which can undergo dhahanam (burning). What’s subtler than the body is linga sariram, likewise referred as mononmaya kosa. Both these are kosas, treatments on atma, though atman can not be externalized.

The causal body is the cause for these two bodies, is Avidya, ignorance, the factor for stula, sukshma sarira. What’s the source of that ignorance? Assuming there’s a factor, what’s the source of that, what’s the source of that, what’s the source of that, we can keep going. (Its called ‘ana+ vastha dosham’ takes place considerably).

Acharya says, Ignorance, Avidhya, has no start … A+ nadi.( Adi) constantly exists … can not be explained, if it’s defined, it’s no longer an ignorance, it comes to be understanding!

The truth that the globe is seen means the ignorance exists. When we see the snake on a rope, lack of knowledge exists, the fact (rope) is not recognized. When we see the rope, which is the substratum of the serpent, the snake is gone, ignorance is gone! In a similar way when we see the universe, we are oblivious, the substratum is not seen. (Realized souls would certainly say, I only see brahman, there’s no globe, the world dissolves much like the dissolved serpent.).

Ignorance/avidya can not be specified however exists prior to understanding and is pursued knowledge, so does it really exist? Lack of knowledge neither exists neither ‘not exists’ … for that reason it is anirvatchya … cause. Nobody can see or define lack of knowledge, the instance acharya gives here is like the Sunlight, that can never ever see the darkness. Darkness is but the absence of light, similarly ignorance is the lack of real knowledge as well as is the cause of stula and sukshma sarira.

Atman is past the three bodies. ‘Sat’ means that which exists in all three worlds, times, ‘Asat’ indicates does not exist, ‘Mithya’ - is an appearance, maya. Atman, Self is Sat. Know THAT!

An extremely refined as well as important idea explained in bible is when we discuss one person and discuss it is Vyashti, when we take collective presence, its called Samashti.

This body is constructed from 5 elements (human), that body (claim a squirrel) is made from five components, so are the worms, reptiles, lions, birds and every getting on this planet, all are very same five components, absolutely nothing different. All 5 elements coincide therefore the whole world is a cumulative presence, that’s samashti drishti … (universal cumulative vision).

Jagat is one more word for deep space. jagat. (gatchathi iti jagat, keeps on moving, altering), something that’s easy to understand only by five detects is the gross globe, (stula prapancham). This private gross body is a part of that gross presence. Lack of knowledge is the reason for this gross body as well as the gross world.

In a similar way, the source of sukshma sarira, sukshma prapancham individual mind (vyashti) planetary mind (samashti) is ignorance, likewise referred as ‘Karanopadhi’.

3 upadhis, stula, sukshma, karana are conditionings. The Self, as a witness, substratum, onlooker, that which is not connected with anything, a witness, sakshi If past these 3 bodies. That’s why it’s ‘Sat’, ever existing, does not go when the stula goes, sukshma goes.

Knowledgeable 15.

This knowledgeable describes each & every being as a package of.

Three Sariram ~ the Gross, refined, causal.

Pancha Kosam (5 layers).

Food sheath (annamaya),.

Essential air sheath (pranamaya),.

Mind sheath (manonmaya),.

Intellect sheath (vijnanamaya),.

Bliss sheath (anandhamaya).

Three World, aircraft, states … (jagrat, swapna, sushupti) waking, desire & deep rest states.

Atman is Self, Sakshi, One without a 2nd!

Ego, Jivan is when we connect with at the very least among the 5 kosas. For ex-spouse:.

” I’m sitting here” … connected with body, annamaya kosa, physiological.

” I’m restless”. associated with mind/vital air, mononmaya kosa, physiological.

” My heart beats quick, I am starving, thirsty” ~ pranamaya kosa, psychological.

” I’m coming” choice is made, vijnanamaya kosa, intellectual.

” I’m happy, excited” anadhamaya kosa, Happiness sheath.

If Atman is anywhere, just how can I say, I’m sitting here?

This organization with the body is a bondage. Then the question emerges to the applicant, ‘when there’s this chains, how can you state it’s nithyamuktan, a recognized person?’.

Knowledgeable 15 replies, with an instance. A clear crystal, (spatikam) when put on a colored fabric, takes the color of that towel on which it is. likewise atman seems various because of the association with these 5 layers (kosas).

Atma is anywhere, this body is restricted in space. Due to the association of the atman with the restricted body that atma seems to be limited.

This union in between the atma as well as kosa is chains, when the union breaks, bond breaks … It seems related to the kosas because of ignorance … it can never take the qualities of any one of those. Atma is has no accessory, (asangoyam purushaha), this organization is mithya tadhatmyam, an appearance.

Every human should have the ability to separate the atman from these five kosas, require the support, training, efforts, & paths (sadanas). Candidates that asks concerns to clear up uncertainties are called ‘Poorvapakshi’.

Atma is anywhere however to identify or discover IT, one needs to go within. It’s not available exterior. despite the fact that IT is almost everywhere !! IT is not associated with anything.

Knowledgeable 16.

This knowledgeable defines the process of negation to understand the atman, Self. This is not atma, this is not atma … just how to discover IT? Techniques explained are via logic, discrimination (viveka), determine the genuine Self via panchkosas.

Discrimination right here refers to the ability to differentiate between the long-term and passing, (Nithyam/Anithyam, atma/anathma) This is the initial step in the path of query. Examples provided below are: Much like the rice is divided from husk, as well as onion is peeled to get to the core. Or If you have a diamond you cover it in a cells paper, in a purse, inside a box, inside the secure. so likewise atma, the supreme is inside the kosas. The hunter needs to exceed the noticeable personality layers.

Verse 17.

When we claim, ‘I’m so and so’, we associate ourselves with body, mind, intelligence, panchakosam … when this association is there, we’re not knowledgeable about our Real Self!

Why does the acharya define these bodies when I’m none of these? Due to the fact that what needs to be negated need to be understood initially … (yukti is the only method. sensible discrimination) … Isolate anatma from atma through rational evaluation.( apara from para).

Atman is everywhere but mirrors just in clear pure intelligence (clear mirror) similar to Sunlight’s brightness is all over however Sunlight’s representation is just in a tidy mirror, compared to a water in a pot, pond, lake or sea. So likewise, Atman shows just on a clear, pure intellect.

Verse 18.

First line, atman is different from deham, indriyam, buddhi, prakriti, (body, mind, intellect and also nature).

What’s atman? (3rd line in verse 18) Tat vritti sakshi … witness not connected with anything.

Due to IT’s visibility alone, this body, senses, buddhi all function. They’re all issue, inert, continue altering, could be externalized, changed (vikaraha).

Atma can not be modified nir+ vikaram, can not be externalized, not a matter. Atman is sakshi, witness, seer yet the matter is seen. The seer is various from the seen. The subject of experience is different from the object of experience. Atman is the illuminator, different from the illumined objects.

When analyzed, Atman is the witness of excellent as well as bad, pain as well as satisfaction, delight and sorrow, the actions of physical body and also mind are all facets of our outer and also internal subjective life. Atman stands aloof from the happenings of the outer cosmic and our internal worlds. Everything happens simply by ITs existence, much like when the boss remains in his office, all staff members are focused on their responsibilities.

Verse 19.

The atman is covered, veiled, not seen. The moon seems moving when as a matter of fact, the clouds are moving. So likewise, to a person that’s related to body, mind and also intellect, a+ viveki) the Atman seems active, in every transaction. Aviveki is the one that’s unable to set apart atman from anatman, permanent from impermanence.

For example A light assesses a mirror and the mirrored light is additionally bright however true light is just in the light.

The Knowledge that expresses out of body, mind and also intellect resembles the reflected illumination. The Atman is the resource of whatever, without IT, the entire world will stop!

In transactional reality, we assume the atma is seeing as well as listening to! ‘Vyapari iva’, appears to be interacting but when in reality IT is only a witness. Those who are incapable to discriminate between the nithyam from anithyam. ever before existing and also temporal is referred here as a+ viveki, ignorant.

All the activities and motions are of the feeling organs and also the Self is the nourisher for all body organs to materialize.

It resembles gasoline, gas in your lorry that manifests all organs to work. It has no particular destination to reach.

Similarly the Atman shares itself with the body, mind and intellect, it’s a witness. Without this honest witness, detached onlooker, nothing would move in the entire universes. When you don’t recognize it, it’s far away and when you recognize it, it’s really close. It’s the witness of ignorance.

The moon appears to be relocating since we check out it with a moving medium, our mind. The based trees will seem moving from a relocating train, so additionally atman seems to be active, perturbed, satisfied and also depressing when it’s all for the mind.

The concern presented here is ‘exactly how can we say just atma has Chaitanyam (Knowledge) and also not the mind and body? causing the next knowledgeable.

Knowledgeable 20.

Everything operates, really feels only as a result of the existence of this Atman. In IT’s lack there’s no sensation, feeling of touch, consisting of the presence of atoms & molecules. Who lags all these? Absolutely nothing can act without Atman.

Releases deeper into jnanam, Understanding. Knowledge is of 2 kinds.

Vritti jnanam (light waves) … I see a chair however the moment I see a fridge, the initial seen dissipates. The 2nd changes the initial. First is gone, perhaps not quickly however eventually … we don’t keep in mind every little thing that we see in a shop or as we stroll. Whatever appears will vanish, it’s certain.

The second is nithya jnanam, transcendental Expertise, awareness, not familiar with! This Knowledge, as soon as accomplished, is never shed.

All expertise, jnanam is subject to spoiling except prajnanam, (prajnanam brahma). Everything is leaning on that atma jnanam, Prajnanam brahma, It is Sat, ever before existing, no birth or fatality, without an appearance or disappearance. IT’s visibility alone turns on all body organs to operate.

The whole cosmos appears, all the five aspects are inert, Atma alone recognizes, recognizes, knows because of Atma Chaitanyam, similar to the Sunlight is not involved in anything yet its visibility makes every little thing and being dynamic. The birds chirp, people move about, animals search, flowers flower as a result of the visibility of Sun so likewise the existence of Atman. Atman alone IS!