Saving Money Any Way You Can - Book Review

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  • Jun 01, 2024
Saving Money Any Way You Can - Book Review

Saving Cash Any Kind Of Method You Can - Reserve Evaluation

By: Mike Yorkey (1994 )

ISBN 0-89283-864-7

Reserve Rate: $12.50.


Mike Yorkey, former newspaper editor, additionally became editor of Concentrate on the Household publication. He is the author, co-author or editor of greater than 75 publications with 2 million duplicates in print. He was editor-in-chief of nine nationwide magazines, and likewise dealt with Stephen Arterburn: “Every Man’s Fight”, Michael Chang, Billy Davis, Jr. etc


Conserve money. In 16 phases, Mike Yorkey provides several methods for readers to conserve cash. Some of his phase headings include: We Spent How Much (Ch. 1), Never Pay Retail (Ch. 6), Something for Nothing (Ch. 8), Fancy Things without a Fancy Rate (Ch. 10), The Investment Game (Ch. 14), The Check Out Line (Ch. 16), as well as far more.

Get over consumer-driven way of life.

Mike Yorkey show a direct tone, wasting no time getting to his point. In his introduction he describes his format mentioning, “Along with discovering valuable ideas, you’ll have fun reading the intriguing pictures, interesting sidebars, and quick-hitting guidance.” His target market is visibly, lower to middle-class Christian families.

Mike’s aim is to aid viewers to climb above a consumer-driven lifestyle to get in financial peace and also freedom. He concerns, “… exactly how do we keep our heads and also spend wisely? Just how do we know what is a good deal as well as what is not? This publication will help you answer these concerns, plus give you great deals of practical ideas on stretching your investing … “.

The candid way in which Mr. Yorkey addresses subjects will inform viewers to crucial pointers for investing much less. He goes over clothes purchases in one circumstances, proclaiming, “Since stores need to make room for their hot-selling profit-makers, no person must ever before pay retail for clothes … Hold your horses … acquiring garments … during the shops’ big sales … “.

Mike shares insightful understandings to assist settlements. He suggests, “The notified customer recognizes that the markup on furnishings is 100 to 200 percent. Asking “Is this your finest rate?” will send out a message that you wish to negotiate.”.

Mr. Yorkey portrays an aggressive message, saying, “Couples that work steadily at their finances-trimming a little bit here, planning for the future there-won’ t have to clamber when the auto dies or among the kids requires dental braces.”.

Spend much less and have a lot more.

Mike Yorkey shares interesting and functional ways for visitors to invest less and have a lot more.

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