The Midnight LamporThe Night Shift

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  • Dec 16, 2019
The Midnight LamporThe Night Shift

The Twelve O’clock At Night Lamp/The Night Shift

What occurs after fatality? What happens to that couple of pounds of spirit that leaves the body after whatever? Well, this article, I hope, will certainly help a little bit with that said solution, however mostly we have to answer the concern ourselves when the moment comes. Reality is spiritual, physical and also all. Basically, it is a totality, not components truly, right to the spiritual and physical link. There is not “even more”, it is an overall package of efficiency actually at all degrees. In a feeling, I can state that is the mystery resolved, but I am not we need to go up the ladder of years and also time to get where we require to go.

I once reviewed these publications by a writer called Harold Sherman that addressed a great deal of my “funny” concerns, but to go deeper it calls for a certain amount of reasonable depth that asks the big questions without being “amusing” regarding reality in the feeling of assuming “this is what it is”. Indeed, when the responses come, they should be checked to the best degrees for accuracy truly to make sure that they are the solutions in the completeness of truth.

Additionally, the “Midnight Light” of life need to be burned after that to obtain accurate answers truly. That is likewise what I mean by the title, and also “The Graveyard shift” is merely a term for what occurs after that change called death when there is self-consciousness after such an event, specifically full self-consciousness or planetary awareness.

So, that brings me to a factor: What is planetary awareness? Yes, I check out the Richard Maurice Bucke as well as Thomson Jay Hudson books thorough and also multiple times, but I saw to it regarding particular points being correct in them and also threw out the important things that were not. The basic facilities behind their jobs though is right that consciousness exists whatever the circumstance from primitive to planetary and past (Richard Maurice Bucke). Likewise, the mind is a container for the spirit at deep as well as superficial degrees or conscious or subconscious, or objective as well as subjective levels, and the subjective constantly is the extra powerful like the part of the iceberg under the sea that deeply directs the obvious or seen part of the iceberg drifting on the sea, or the objective or conscious mind (Thomson Jay Hudson). All spiritism and also theory apart, truth jobs like I pointed out because synopsis of the exact realities those writers provide that are in fact fairly apparent in our very own objective truths.

So, to give my own solution to the first 2 concerns posed at the beginning of this write-up: Truth as well as existence continue whatever takes place, so, we do not actually die, we just transform energies and that is it. We still have consciousness and truth, however, all that changes is the power of that truth, that is it.

My name is Joshua Clayton, I am a freelance author based in Inglewood, The golden state. I also create under a few pen-names as well as aliases, yet Joshua Clayton is my actual name, and I create by that essentially now. I am a philosophical author as well as unbiased thinker and also straightforward activity taker. I additionally operate at a senior center in Gardena, The golden state as my day work, to name a few things, but primarily I am a writer.