Atma Bodha - Verses 41 - 50

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  • May 26, 2020
Atma Bodha - Verses 41 - 50

Atma Bodha - Verses 41 - 50

Knowledgeable 41

To understand anything, there must be the knower (Pramata) the known (premeyam) and the process of recognizing (pramanam) then there’s the set of three (triputi) … how can we claim there is just one?, is the question most of us can obtain.

This phenomenon of triad applies for all life knowledge yet not for Self Expertise. Why not? Paramatman is ‘Sat-Cit-Anandam’, ‘Existence-Consciousnesses-Bliss’. Paramatman is Knowledge (chit) itself! That Paramatman is swayam prakashaha, Self illumined, we don’t require something to illuminate it much like we don’t require a light to see the Sun. There’s no distinction of the experiencer, experienced and the experience. As a result of ITs existence everything shows up. Atman is Advaita, Eka roopavat, One, without a second.

For example, when you’re in a dark space, in the middle of the evening, you recognize you exist. How? You don’t need something to expose your visibility for all other items in the space, you need light! But to know you exist, you do not any devices. Why and also Exactly how? Since the Atman (paramatman) is Self lighting!

Atman is behind every little thing. It’s the substratum of all existence. For instance when you see a snake at sunset, there’s none of these existing except the rope. That rope is the substratum (adharam) of all other looks. It might look like a blossom garland, a crack on the ground yet actually it’s the rope. Similarly Parabrahman is the substratum of every little thing, existing in every look.

Atma alone is there as well as it is Self illuminating. What advantages does one get when one knows IT?

Humans will certainly refrain anything without a benefit in return. What remains in it for me? That holds true with spiritual life too. Sanatana dharma points out 4 items of human search in life, calls it as Purushartham (Dharmartha kama moksha), artha( prosperity) kama( enjoyment), dharma( ethical worths, decency), moksha( freedom, spiritual values) (very first three are subject to spoiling (anithya purushartham) whereas the last one, ‘moksha’ is nithyam, permanent.

When in fact all beings need to come back to experience the outcomes of activities, except Self realized. Bibles describe this world as ‘fate bhoomi’. Once that Atman, Self is recognized, moksha is acquired, the hunter is liberated from this samsara, meaning free from all sadness as well as has no birth once again!

Knowledgeable 42

Fire triggers when two sticks (arani kattai) are massaged with each other. In a similar way, when the jivatman (mind) as well as ‘paramatman (Omkaram) are scrubed, suggesting reflected, or consideration takes place the fire of Self Expertise sparks. This is dhyanam, reflection and also needs to be done daily, not from time to time.

If we select to rub a few times and leave it to proceed later on, there will not be any kind of fire … it has to be scrubed until the fire comes, so also consistent method (abhyasa) of the recognition of the inner presence, Self, Atman is called for. For how long? ‘Avagati paryantham jnanam’. ‘Deergha kale, nirantharya. satkara sevithaha’. with internal inspiration, enthusiastic, frequently for a long period of time, till. that’s Expertise.

Just like that fire burns all points, below, the Knowledge burns the ignorance. That’s moksham, samsaram bondage liquifies. Such a hunter is an emperor, that has actually dominated one’s senses as well as mind, much like a king that has actually conquered numerous kingdoms, that is complete, complete and happy, devoid of sorrows.

In Mundaka Upanishads( 2.2.4) clarifies the very same concept with a different instance. the bow (mind) as well as arrow (pranavam, Omkaram) … straight towards the target. paramatman.

Upon Self understanding, the applicant is in Ultimate Joy without duality. ‘Niradhisaya anandham’, paramatma jnanam, atma/Brahma aikyam happens much like a salt doll liquifies in the sea, the names and also types liquify and is one with paramatman. This is an experiential benefit (prathyaksha palan).

Knowledgeable 43

Light & darkness can not exist together, so additionally knowledge as well as ignorance. Once the knowledge is acquired lack of knowledge disappears immediately, not one after the various other. That’s Self understanding. Atma is Self revealing!

Much like the Sunlight is self exposing upon the activity of clouds that stops us from seeing the Sun, so also Atman is self exposing upon the elimination of lack of knowledge. Self Understanding does not create the Self yet gets rid of lack of knowledge (Ajnana nvritti).

Knowledgeable 44

Atma is not somewhere else! It is available anywhere as well as in whatever, it’s prathyaksham, that which is noticeable to the eye, visible and ever present but one needs a magnificent vision to see IT.

Instance given right here is an individual that’s searching for a locket anywhere not able to find it when someone else directs it out that’s currently in the neck. One might assume it’s shed, but it was never ever shed, never obtained! It was ever there … so likewise Atman is ever present however the candidate uninformed of ITs presence because of lack of knowledge. These days, it occurs with car tricks, eyeglasses, mobile phones …

Atman appears to be lost as well as one needs to acquire it yet it’s currently existing, almost everywhere, ever existing and full.

The candidate could as well as frequently ask, ‘Exactly how can I state jivan coincides as paramatman?

Knowledgeable 45

This Atma Bodha is composed mainly for individuals that believe that ‘I’m various from Brahman’, to consider that Self Knowledge.

A trunk of a tree or a pole, blog post, can appear to be an individual, specifically at night, and that thought might result in be afraid of a burglar as well as produce an emotion of concern. As soon as the post is acknowledged as is, the lack of knowledge is gotten rid of, so as well once Self Expertise is acquired, nothing troubles the hunter.

Knowledgeable 46

Real Self is brahma svaroopam, yet very usually we’re caught in this glamorously appearing outside globe around us as well as experience all type of feelings.

Once Self Knowledge is obtained, immediately the plurality liquifies, “I as well as mine” vanish. When ‘you’ are not there, ‘I’ alone is. When there’s no second, there’s no requirement to also count as one! Jnanam is consequently described light and also upon acquiring darkness vanishes immediately.

The example given in this verse is bhanu darshana. When the Sunlight is recognized, then all directions are understood, so likewise as soon as Self Knowledge is attained, the instructions of one’s life is clear.

Knowledgeable 47

This verse defines the magnificent vision (jnana chakshu). A recognized person has ‘jnana chakshu’, the divine vision, suggesting even though the globe appears in multiplicity, this person sees it all as One.

When the globe of plurality is seen, such a person is caught in samsara, is ‘ajnani’, oblivious and also based on birth as well as fatality until Self is understood.

As an example, when an individual dreams of ferocious animals, has a headache, upon getting up, is not mosting likely to try to find each of those animals. He understands those pets showed up in my mind as well as dissolved in my mind. So additionally, a jnani regards the entire cosmos as a desire, acknowledges that the globe comes from me, sustains in me and dissolves in me.

Understood individual recognizes the whole universe as a desire, for an oblivious, the world appears. That’s the distinction!

A recognized person has obtained the objective of life! For such an individual there’s no ‘I and you’ in the seen. His vision is equanimous, does not see any kind of difference, has no sort and also dislikes, no fear, no anger, consequently absolutely nothing affects him.

The seeker could extremely well assume ‘How can I see the One when there’s this variety in my experiences in this transactional world?’, and also the following verse clarifies.

Verse 48

This verse emphasizes that there’s absolutely nothing other than the Self. In the case of mud pots, despite the fact that there are multiple names, forms, shapes and sizes based on their functionalities, what exists in all but the mud, the only substratum. Very same holds true with anything that’s made from gold or iron. Chandogya upanishad verse 6.1.5 additionally explains this concept.

In a similar way, Brahman alone exists both as the product reason (upadana karanam) and additionally the critical reason (nimittha) of this appearing globe.

The material cause is always in the impacts. Reason (Karyam) is the clay, effect (karanam) is the pot! The result can not be without the material, mud or gold or water, however the crucial reason is separate in transactional fact.

Whereas in the Absolute fact, deep space( jagat) is NOT different from Brahman. Second line in the knowledgeable … ‘Atmano Annyat Na Vidyate’. Deep space is the symptom of that One as well as jot created. One appears as numerous!

One who recognizes that a person divine Brahman is Brahma jnani, has magnificent vision (brahma chaksu), jivan mukti who is free from all griefs and has no rebirth.

Knowledgeable 49

You become what you consider when you think with sentence, so is with Brahman, Sat note ananda rupa, Presence Consciousness Happiness!

Think of Atman with a single sharp focus, (eka nishtaya), you’ll become Brahman, dissolve, merge, realize! Like a wasp as well as the worm (Viveka chudamani # 358, Aparoksha anubhuti # 140).

Gita Ch 2 describes a realized individual as ‘stitha prajyan’ - what’s his character (lakshana)? When his likes & dislikes dissolves, and also he’s company in Self, renounces all desire (kamam) in mind, one that enjoys in atman (santhushtan), thrilled in Self Expertise (firm in atma sukam), seeks no outside joy (worldly sukam).

Similar to the rivers merge in the sea, shedding their names and also kinds, a recognized person is jivan muktan, when active, till prarabdha dissolves and also upon dropping the physical body is videha mukti. Ch 13 describes a realized individual as Kshtrejyan and also Ch 14 as Guna theethan.

Such a specific, who has actually recognized that Brahman, resembles a kid, no attachment, devoid of materialistic world, staying in present, engaging with the globe with no expectation is ‘brahmavith brahmaivah bhavati …’ is Existence-Consciousness-Bliss (Mundakopanishad 3.2.9).

Worldly pleasures as well as ultimate Happiness can not co exist. All enjoyments of the world are yet ‘sudranandam, alpanandam’ is in paramandam, a component, part of that One sea of happiness.

Verse 50.

Samsari refers to all people that have actually taken the physical body to experience the pain and also satisfaction of life from birth to fatality. In this lifetime there are 6 opponents or challenges that stop us from realizing out real Self. Those are:.

Kama (desire).

Krodham (temper).

Lobam (greed).

Moham (accessory.

Madham (pride).

Matsaryam (envy).

This verse reaffirms what has been stated prior to for deeper understanding. These 6 psychological conditions need to be gotten rid of, renounced to be able to gain the magnificent vision of Unity.

An understood individual is one such, as well as is referred as ‘Atmaramaha’, one who has actually gone across the sea of deception with the boat called jnanam (Self Expertise), delights in the Self, constantly peaceful, satisfied, nothing disturbs him is additionally called a yogi. He’s equanimous in any type of offered situation. ‘I and mine’ are completely relinquished, still engaging with the world without expecting anything.

Much like we can not see anything at the end of a lake with ripples, so additionally a flustered mind is unable to see the magnificent Self, which is deep within.

The symbolic definition of Ramayana from an advaitic point of view is likewise stated by Adi Sankara, which can be addressed below. Sita (peace) is abducted by the ten indriyas (five karmendriyas as well as five jnanendriyas), jiva (Rama) is agitated, who crosses the ocean of samsara (which has no beginning or end), ruins the opponents (dasendriyas) as well as obtains Sita (gains tranquility).