Atma Bodha Verses 51-60

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Atma Bodha Verses 51-60

Atma Bodha Verses 51-60

Knowledgeable 51

A Self recognized spirit has no sort & disapproval, approves every little thing as they come, pleased from within, without any wish to go, obtain or achieve. Such a person has an equanimous view, without any destination or repulsion towards any individual or any kind of circumstance.

A realized individual is not attracted to anything beyond oneself, has no expectations, realizes that whatever is momentary (anityam). It does not indicate one clinically depressed however is satisfied, happy, equanimous & Happiness, like a light shining brilliantly inside a pot and also no person can see from outdoors, is referred as Jivan mukti. To the recognized one, the world does not show up, implying, one sees himself in all and also all in oneself.

Verse 52

As defined previously, the understood soul is not influenced by any kind of situation similar to the area, defined frequently in upanishads, that can not be polluted, axed, burned, wet or dried out.

It’s the realization that the substratum alone is real and also all kinds & names are but appearances without a precise existence of their very own. When the butter is extracted, it stands apart, does not combine back into the buttermilk, so likewise the realized person is different, neither affixed nor influenced by anything, lives as a witness up until the prarabdha karma ends.

Knowledgeable 53

Prarabhda fate is the reason for the existing body to experience the pleasures & pain. The body is a place, boga sthanam.

Upon Self realization, the fates are erased and the jivan dissolves right into that One Supreme Visibility, similar to the rivers merging right into the ocean, little flame combines into the fire, the room inside the pot combining with the universal space, losing their name & type.

Sanjita, the collected repercussions of previous fates and also Agami, the seeds for the following birth, both get erased in the fire of Self Knowledge therefore there’s no rebirth for the realized jivan.

Verse 54

As that One Supreme can not be mentioned, the following three verses are detailed languages with adjectives. These are likewise called ‘Tatastha Lakshanam’, suggesting ‘with recommendation to’!

Self Knowledge is the most profound knowledge past which there’s absolutely nothing else to gain, it’s the absolute bliss, beyond which there’s nothing else happiness, outright earnings, past which none to attain.

That which is Advaita (non twin), Nishkria( inactive), Nirvikaram( without any changes), that’s Brahman, outright Happiness, One without a second!

Knowledgeable 55

This is extremely similar to the previous verse. The Supreme existence is that One, upon realizing which, there’s nothing else to see (not offered to physical detects), or acquire any type of Knowledge causing no rebirth for the individual, jivan.

The benefit of realizing that One Supreme Brahman is the removal of anxiety. Fearless existence is the liberation from all shackles of life, it’s the contentment. Upon realizing that it’s just a rope as well as not a coiled snake, the anxiety disappears as well as thus, words and also actions connected to that fear likewise vanishes, so also this Self understanding gets rid of all worries in the universe.

That Supreme is the personification of Happiness, parama sukam, unparalleled Happiness.

Knowledgeable 56

That Supreme, all infusing existence is stressed below to be below, there, North, South, East, West, backwards and forwards. It’s full, full, Its Sat-Chit-Ananda, Existence-Consciousness-Bliss.

That Supreme presence is contrasted to space in this verse as both are limitless, with no adjustments, ever present, just one of a kind yet the distinctive distinction is that Supreme existence is Expertise, Note yet not the area! Room does not recognize it exists, it does not have that expertise.

Verse 57

Exactly how can we know that Supreme visibility? Adi Sankara in this verse says only through Vedantic scriptures. The scriptures point out, show, neti, neti, suggesting the procedure of negation, referred as ‘Atat ya vritti lakshanam’ in Sanskrit.

By negating the form, name and any kind of alteration, the physique, Annamayya kosa is negated. After that by claiming it’s non-active negates the breath layer or Pranamaya kosa is negated, complied with by the negation of the mind, the circulation of ideas the Manonmaya kosa, therefore the subtle body is negated resulting in the negation of the causal body, indicating without any impacts.

That a person presence without a second is infinite, One Absolute Happiness!

Knowledgeable 58

That a person Supreme existence which is outright as well as all pervading One alone IS and also remains in all beings, all that appears to exist. The joy, satisfaction that all these beings from the Deities to the min species, all integrated is yet a look of that a person Supreme Happiness.

Verse 59

That One existence, called Atman, is in all looks. We love another person or being represents the recognition of that visibility because personification. Without that existence whatever is inert.

All names as well as forms dissolve because One. One appears as several! This is the essence of verse 59

Knowledgeable 60

Below once more that Supreme visibility, Atman is called it’s all infusing and also can not be particularly called it’s neither short, nor long, neither fat neither thin, birthless and also deathless, consequently everything in between, without individualities, name or form.

Everything is comprehended, found out, realized only because of that One visibility, though IT can not be seen, heard, touched, really felt, scented or tasted …

As in verse 12, this body, this globe is made from 5 elements which have no capacity to know that they exist, however which are all experienced just by that a person. That a person is the Topic as well as the topic can never ever be the object. Even to know, comprehend, recognize IT, one requires ITs grace …

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