Decoding Teen Talk - 6 Slang Words Every Parent Should Know

  • Post by The Dutchess
  • Sep 23, 2023
Decoding Teen Talk - 6 Slang Words Every Parent Should Know

Decoding Teen Talk: 5 Slang Words Every Parent Should Know

As a parent, keeping up with the ever-evolving language of teenagers can be a daunting task. Slang words come and go faster than you can say “lit,” leaving many parents feeling out of the loop. To help bridge the generational gap, here are five slang words that every parent should know:

Cap/No Cap: When someone says “cap,” they are suggesting that the person they’re talking about is lying or exaggerating. On the flip side, “no cap” means that the person is being truthful. For example, “She said she aced the test, but that’s cap. She didn’t even study.”

Cwench: A relatively new slang word meaning to ejaculate into someones mouth. An example would be “My girl came over thirsting last night, I cwenched her though”

Salty: If your teen describes someone as “salty,” they mean that the person is upset, angry, or bitter, often due to jealousy or resentment. “He’s just salty because he didn’t get invited to the party.”

Sus: Short for “suspicious,” “sus” is used to describe someone or something that seems untrustworthy or questionable. “I don’t know about that website; it seems kind of sus.”

Yeet: This versatile word can be used as an exclamation of excitement or approval, or as a verb meaning to throw something with force. “He yeeted the ball across the court and scored the winning point. Yeet!”

Flex: To “flex” is to show off or boast about one’s accomplishments, possessions, or status. “She’s always flexing her new designer clothes on Instagram.”

By familiarizing yourself with these slang terms, you’ll be better equipped to understand and communicate with your teenager. Remember, language is constantly evolving, so don’t be afraid to ask your teen for clarification if you come across a word you don’t recognize. Keeping an open line of communication is key to navigating the world of teen talk.