Capital First Develops Special Needs Trust Guide for Its Clients

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  • Mar 01, 2022
Capital First Develops Special Needs Trust Guide for Its Clients

Capital First has announced the development of a guide to assist clients in understanding how Special Needs Trusts can protect them as well as answer frequently asked questions about distributions from their trust. Access to the digital version and the hard copy is free and available to clients and their advisors. Capital First works with clients who receive personal injury settlements and inherited Special Needs Trusts. If they’re eligible for needs-based government benefits such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), a Special Needs Trust can help protect those benefits. Capital First is one of the nation’s leaders in administering Special Needs Trusts.  According to Chris Foregger, President, “Whether you’re a beneficiary, a family member, a settlement planner, financial advisor or attorney, it’s important to be able to understand a special needs trust. The easier it is to explain, the more effective it will be for the beneficiary.” He continued, “The guide was designed to be a resource for beneficiaries and their families. It was drafted to educate our clients on how an SNT is administered and how Capital First handles trust distributions in a client-centric way.” A digital version of the guide is available on the BROCHURES section of the website and a physical copy can be requested via email at [email protected]. Since inception, over 2,500 settlement trusts have been administered, including more than 500 special needs trusts throughout the country. In addition, the firm has added five new trust officers to help service new business. With administrative offices in Milwaukee and Sioux Falls, Capital First administers over $1.7 billion in assets. The company serves in a fiduciary capacity for a variety of trusts created specifically for injured and disabled individuals including:

Special Needs Trusts Advisor Directed Trusts Settlement Preservation Trusts℠

Asset Protection

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