CUBO Beverages is Now Offering Its Innovative Pod Based Machines for Office Break Rooms and Health and Wellness Businesses

  • Post by The Dutchess
  • Dec 31, 2022
CUBO Beverages is Now Offering Its Innovative Pod Based Machines for Office Break Rooms and Health and Wellness Businesses

Businesses like co-working spaces, beauty salons, car dealership lounges, gyms and more have fallen in love with how easy it is to make functional beverages such as smoothies, boosters shots or lattes simply by pressing a button. CUBO Beverages is continuing its expansion into office break rooms and health and wellness centers. CUBO Beverages is not only the first pod-based smart blender to make all your favorite cold smoothies, booster shots or energizing hot Lattes in under 2 min at the touch of a button; it’s a lifestyle: 

No need to come up with unique recipes, our Chef does it for customers No need to worry about ingredients, CUBO Pods have no added sugar, no food dyes and no preservatives No need to buy plenty of ingredients, they are already in the CUBO Pods No need to lose time and energy cleaning, the CUBO machine does it automatically

About the CUBO Smart Blender The beautifully designed CUBO machine fits on any counter top and works in 3 simple steps:

Pick a chef-crafted pod from the freezer and place it in the machine Press start on the touch screen A perfect functional beverage will be ready in under 2 minutes. 

The best part? The machine self-cleans in just 15 seconds and is ready to make another beverage right after. The easy to use functionality and self-cleaning are perfect for busy offices and health and wellness businesses that want to offer functional beverages to employees, guests and customers while minimizing effort. What is CUBO Pods’ secret and how does the magic work?  Every CUBO has a Blender inside with no apparent blades, for safety, and only needs its tank to be filled with water and its cord to be plugged to electricity - the machine does the rest, including the cleaning.  Every CUBO Pod contains a chip that has been programmed with specific parameters for each recipe. This will ensure that every beverage a customer, employee or member drinks has been blended for the perfect amount of time, at the right speed so they get the best experience possible when drinking a CUBO functional beverage!   Key Features of the CUBO Pod Machine

Beverages made in under 2 minutes Completely self-cleaning with internal blades Endless pod options for functional beverages such as smoothies, juices, hot and cold lattes, teas and more Recyclable pods for eco-friendly consumers

Today, CUBO is focused on the B2B market and the CUBO Smart blender is provided for free to Businesses when minimum monthly orders of CUBO Pods are reached. It intends to sell CUBO Beverages machines directly to consumers in the future with a subscription model starting at 20 pods per month.  Recent Press and Additional Media–30 Source: CUBO Beverages